#1 Karate Secret for Faster Success in Exams and Life

#1 Karate Secret for Faster Success in Exams and Life

Have you watched any Karate (or any other martial arts) movies?

Do you know how someone becomes a great Karate expert? A master?

Each great expert is not expert in hundreds of moves. But, expert is a few moves.

To become a Karate master, a student learns many many moves, but then decides which he/she likes most and chooses a set of moves (less than 10) to practice thousands of time.

So, the secret of power or mastery in Karate lies in REPETITION and not in knowing a huge number of moves.

How does this apply to you for faster success in exams and life?


You need to practice some good habits, study skills again and again and again.

Learning 200 more skills will not help you as much as practicing 10 or 20 skills many many times, so you become really good at it.

Examples: reading faster and systematic revision that I teach. You practice these and you become better and get more marks.

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