Please help develop new Instant Meditation System

What I am doing

I am developing Instant Meditation System using the mind technologies.

The goal is to create a system that uses just MP3 audio and changes your brainwaves to desired states for instant meditation. The results should be so deep that you feel so deeply relaxed or almost fall asleep within 10 minutes and the program can go on to about 30 minutes.

It should give you the power to choose between alpha, theta, delta meditations and also to awake / energize.

The cost would be under Rs 2,000.

What help I want from you

I want to make sure this has everything that you would want to have in a system of meditation including deep relaxation.

So, please write at the bottom of this page “what benefits / options / features would you like to have in such an instant meditaion system”.

Thanks and regards,

Raj Bapna

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