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Give me 10 minutes and I’ll help you get more productive


I invite you to read one of my long pages, and while it gives details of my best creation ever, along the way you get to learn some key important lessons that can help you push towards success.

This happens because you begin to make a few key distinctions regarding what is really important and what is not as far as your success in tough competition is concerned.

To get maximum benefit from this exercise, follow 2 steps

Step 1 DISCOVERY: While you read my long page, keep asking yourself, “How can I use this information starting right now?” This is a discovery process. What is most important to you is what you will notice (or rather, it will jump at you).

Step 2 ACTION: Then after you finish reading the page, come back here and write below (or write in your notebook) a summary of how you are going to change and improve. Why do you have to write to get max benefit? Because, once you write, research have proven that you are far more likely to remember it and do it.

WARNING: Both the steps are necessary because if you neglect any step, you will not benefit fully.

Are you ready for this small challenge?

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Best wishes for higher productivity,

Raj Bapna

Notes by Derek Sivers on 2 Books on Brain / Learning

Derek made over Rs 100 crores (US $ 22M) in 2007 when he sold his company

Here are the links to notes by Derek Sivers.

Here is my own Mind Power Exam Maximizer system:

Wishing you success,

Raj Bapna