How to Focus – TEDx

How to Get Your Brain to Focus | Chris Bailey

Watch this video and you’ll learn to focus better.

The real problem is not that we are distracted, but it is that we are “over stimulated” and we “crave distraction”.

You’ll find ways to slow down and reduce your brain stimulation. It takes a week or so.

Watch it and you’ll thank me.

Raj Bapna

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Those Little Things in Life

How I spent 32 years in prison | George Martorano | TEDxPenn

What this video to learn how George made the best of what was available to him.

Then think about what situation you are in and what you can really do.

For yourself, for your family, for your city/village, country, and humanity.

There is so much success you can get … only if you decide to … you have a choice.

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The ONE Secret of Time Management from Laura Vanderkam

The secret of time is to first know what is really, really important.

You know what is truly important ONLY AFTER you also know that everything else (other than emergencies) is not the most important.

This is the hardest part. Write down what is less important and what is NOT important. Only then will you fully understand what is most important to you.

Then, once your mind knows that it finds the time.

Almost like magic.

You’ll discover that you find more time, more energy, and more money to invest in what is most important.

Whenever you are ready, discover how mind machine can help you concentrate better, learn and remember better, and that means to do more in less time.

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How to Improve Yourself Right NOW (and Why) – Prof. Jordan Peterson

You have a choice.

You can begin to improve wherever you are.

The key is to begin in this way:

  1. Inside your head
  2. Your room
  3. Your family
  4. Your neighbourhood

Once you build skills doing the above successfully, the next is a call for you to do good for the greater society: your city, state, and the country.

Welcome to the challenge to your greatness.

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What Students Should Do by Dr Jordan Peterson (10 min video)

Dr Peterson on “What Students Should Do”.

There are many lessons.

He says, “It has taken humanity thousands of years, to finally create an environment where the students can focus just on studies without having to work”.

Please know that the society expects you to use this time and become an expert to be able to do something really useful and valuable for the society.

Watch the full video to understand the great opportunity you have in front of you and then decide if you are going to take full advantage of it.

You may have already decided to do your best and you may feel inspired and motivated to do your best.

Whenever you are ready, we are here to help you reach your goals and make your dreams come true. For yourself and for your family.

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Mountain Climbing with No Limbs

Man without Limbs Climbs Mountains

Shows You Path to Your Bigger Success If You Can Apply This Secret

Once we know that he can claim mountain once he decides to take the challenge.

The challenge is not easy. It is perhaps the hardest thing he could do. Easy things could include singing, speaking, etc.

The human brain-mind is strange. It easily gets bored and lazy when the challenge is not big enough. It just gives up if the challenge is so big we know we can’t achieve it. For example, if the challenge is to “become the fastest runner in the world” or “become the best player in game xyz”. We know that because of our health, height, age, etc we can’t be, so the brain-mind just gives up.

It is not under our control. It has its ways and it wins.

Like, in night, you want to go to sleep and decide to wake up early in the morning and study. But, when the morning comes, the brain-mind does not want to wake up.

So, if you really want to make it big in life, you have to come up with a challenge that is not easy but is somewhat hard, but if you give your life’s best, it is achievable.

So, the real secret of success is not so much about “IQ or hard work”, but finding the right challenge for yourself.

For example, if you are a student, decide right now to get a good rank in your exam.

And, of course, once you give yourself a big challenge of “high rank”, the next step is to work hard and smart and find the tools that help you reach that goal.

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Magic of Empowering Beliefs

What is an “empowering belief”?

A belief that helps you to:

  • Get results
  • Feel confident that you can get results
  • Feel good about yourself

An example is:

Everybody makes mistakes

That can also be expressed as:

  • We all make mistakes
  • We all in this group will make mistakes
  • I will make mistakes
  • You will make mistakes

Once we think about it that way, then it becomes obvious that

It is ok to make mistakes

This idea that it is “ok for me to make mistakes” and it it “ok for you to make mistakes” is empowering in these ways:

  • When someone makes a mistakes, we can feel that it is ok that a mistake has happened and now let us fix it. If possible think if we can void similar mistakes in the future
  • When we find that we’ve make a mistake, we don’t feel any less because of the mistake. We feel comfortable despite the mistake.
  • A related result is that when it seems someone is pointing out our mistake, we don’t feel offended because we know “everybody makes mistakes” and it is part of “being human to make mistakes”.

So, this empowering beliefs FREES you to feel comfortable despite mistakes (by you, your friends, your team members or family members).

Bonus: Now that you understand the power of “empowering beliefs”, let me leave you with another empowering beliefs:

Miscommunication, misunderstanding or imperfect understanding is part of human communication.

This beliefs instantly allows us to:

  • Work hard to be clear when we try to explain something to others
  • When mistakes happen, we don’t always have to find “who did it”, but “what can we do now to fix it” because it may have happened because of “miscommunication”.
  • When someone speaks, we pay attention to try to minimize misunderstanding

The above two “empowering beliefs” will possibly help you feel better about yourself, your team, and your family, making life more enjoyable and more productive.

All the best.


Why Run a Race With Your Hands Tied Behind Your Back?

Do you know that there are many who run the race towards their goals, but with their hands tied behind their backs (by their own choice)?

Wonder why anyone would be so crazy to not to use their power of choice and untie their hands and run to 100% of their capability?

You know, so many students do the same regarding their competitive exams.

They work hard.

They join coaching.

But, they don’t use the study techniques and they don’t learn simple techniques to use more of their mind power and achieve maximum in the limited time all of us have available.

I hope you are not in that group.

5 Most Important Steps
to Prepare for Your Exam

Internet has changed our world and even our minds.

It’s harder to concentrate for long periods, you’re quicker at scanning, and you feel rushed (in a hurry).

The old methods of using too much course material no longer works. Here is a method perfectly suited for the Internet age.

Step 1: Use good course material

Get the best course material or notes and learn from the best teachers you can find.

Join a good school/college and join a good coaching for this purpose.

Step 2: Use time after attending school/college and coaching classes

Plan how you can get use the maximum from the available time.

Step 3: Learn for the first time

Learn each topic for the first time – you may do this in a classroom or by self study. Focus on conceptual understanding. For some subjects, this also requires solving numerical or mathematical problems.

Step 4: Deepen your learning

Practice what you learn a few times to deepen your understanding, so that you really become confident in each topic.

Step 5: The Biggest Memory secret

As you know, through the ages, people have remembered GitaMahabharatKoranBible by repeated reading/hearing them.

I tell my students, “revision or repetition is the mother of memory.”

You have to regularly revise what you learnt days, weeks, and months before. That is the only way to remember and be able to write in the exams to get the maximum marks/rank you deserve.

Have separate revision plans for working days and for weekends and holidays.

What can you do to maximize your success?

Here is the secret: Get the best tools and techniques, so you can use your mind power, your talent, your abilities, and your time for your maximum benefit.

I have helped tens of thousands of students just like you to be more effective in their studies and get more success.

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