5 Dangerous Trends in Competitions

… And What You Can Do to Avoid the Pitfalls That Routinely Cause Failure for Thousands of Students (But Nobody Tells You About)

If you dream of success in your exam or competition for exciting bright future, this is the most important message you’ll ever read.

I say that because you’ll discover below the 5 Dangerous Trends for Competitions and how you can get ahead of your classmates to get success of your dreams.

Let me explain the 5 dangerous trends briefly (but in sufficient detail so you fully understand the danger they pose to your success and know some solutions to keep you safe):

Dangerous Trend #1:
Everyone Joins Coaching

Over the last 30 years, the number of students joining coaching (for some of the tough competitions like CAT, IITJEE, IAS, etc) has increased 100 times, but seats have only doubled.

What does that mean for you?

It means that the competition now is 50 times more intense and difficult than it was decades ago.

And, yet most coaching institutes let the students and parents believe that “joining coaching almost guarantees success”, while the TRUTH is that ONLY 1 to 2 percent of students  taking coaching get success in most tough competitions.

Dangerous Trend #2:
The Curse of Study Material Overload

The direct “side-effect” of universal coaching is that students have too much study material including text books, coaching study material, one more coaching classes study material and some reference books.

Decades before, when I was preparing for IIT-JEE, it was hard to get good study material.

But now, everybody has got “too much” of average to good study material.

Unfortunately, students don’t have enough time to study, learn, remember, and master all the good coaching material they have.

Dangerous Trend #3:
Mild to Severe Irregular Bio-Rhythms

Perhaps you know that our body has its own clock-the clock that tells us when to sleep and when to get up-and when to eat and when take a nap.

But, extremely tough competition in competitions and easy availability of too much study material leads to the problem that students eat at irregular hours and sleep at irregular hours.

Sleep problems can become commonplace.

Sleep deprivation can cause several problems such as constant tiredness, frustration, lack of confidence, irritability.

Dangerous Trend #4:
Emergence of One Crucial Subject

Strange as it may seem, there seems to be one crucial subject in each competition.

For example, Physics seems to have become the most crucial subject in IIT-JEE.

Another example, English seems to be the most crucial subject in CAT (because a lot of candidates are engineers who score very well in Maths, but tend to be weak (or very weak) in English

If you can master the subject that is crucial for your competition and do much better than other students (which is possible), then your chances of success greatly increase.

Most students don’t realize this.

Not all coaching institutes emphasize this.

So, not all students take benefit of this trend.

Most Dangerous Trend #5:
Ambitious Dreams of Students and Parents Result in “Depression” for Many Students (and they are not even aware of it)

As you can intuitively know, this trend does not exist on its own, but it direct result of the above 4 dangerous trends.

I call this the MOST DANGEROUS TREND because it can immobilize students. It can leave students without energy or motivation to study / learn or to get success. It can lead to many problems.

Fortunately, not all students suffer from this.

But, if you think you suffer from this, please change your diet (eat raw food), take vitamins, exercise, learn online “Dr Saul Niacin Depression” to find out how vitamin B3 can help you without side effects (as opposed to the psychiatric drugs which have serious side effects).

What Can You Do for Your Own Success?

  • Avoid the problems as is obvious from the above discussion
  • Study hard AND study smart (study smart = use mind tools, exam tricks, study techniques)
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Wishing you success,

Raj Bapna

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