3 Minute Imagination Exercise for Your Success …

This 3 minute exercise will help you prepare better and get more success … a gift from me.

Imagine that you are taking exams and you are very well prepared and confident and you read questions comfortably and answer questions confidently.

Imagine you going to the Internet to see the results and as you see the results you realize that your dream has come true … your parents and friends and relatives and teachers and well wishers … all congratulate you … you are confident of a bright future … of contributing to your family … making a name for yourself … making an impact on the society ..

Now, your body-mind is flushed with good emotions. Remember this state. Do this exercise each time you sit down to study.

Difference between left brain and right brain

Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight video from TED shows how the left and right brain work, how they are different.

Coming from a PhD research scientist working on brain anatomy, this is truely revealing.

When you watch the video, you don’t get theory, but a demonstration of how left brain and right brain really experience the world in a so totally different way.

Difference between left brain and right brain

Watch the video to understand the difference between left brain and right brain

Do you feel inspired to do your best to use both of your left brain and right brain?

What steps are you going to take?

A large number of people around the world use mind tools such as  mind machine to help them use the whole brain.

Are you using such mind tools?

If not, begin now.